Phlebotomy Tech

Phlebotomy Technicians work directly with the laboratories, hospitals, blood bank, and many physician offices to collect a sufficient sample of blood from patients to determine accurate results needed for proper diagnosis. A Phlebotomist can ONLY withdraw blood from the body of a patient and NEVERinserts anything to the body of a patient.

The program is 3.5 weeks long which includes:

24.5 Hours of Basic Phlebotomy Theory (6 Days)

24.5 Hours of Advance Phlebotomy Theory (6 Days)

40 Hours Externship/Hands on Training (5 Days)

Nationally/ State Certified



Must have a high school diploma or GED before summiting state application

Note: The State of California only requires 80 hours of training but MCC is giving you 9 hours extra of classroom study to ensure your understanding the material before going out to externship

Student Tuition (a)

Clock Hours (b)