Mission Career College is a CalWORK’s, EDA, EDD/TAD-WIA, California Department of Rehabilitation, Veterans, Private Entities vocational-technical education training service provider.

It is approved by the California State Water Resources Control Board to train individual to become Water Treatment Operators, Water Distribution Operators and Wastewater Operators.

Mission Career College is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education agency to operate and train individuals in Water Technology Management Entry and Advanced Levels in Water Treatment/Distribution/Wastewater programs. Mission Career College as part of its laboratory and externship training has agreements with local city water management facilities providing testing as part of its training.

Mission Career College is also approved by the California Department of Public Health in preparing individuals to successfully pass the Water Treatment Operator Certification Examination (Drinking Water Technical Program).

Mission Career College is approved by the New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau Utility Operators Certification program to prepare individual to past levels 1-5 examinations. As part of the training individual learn testing methodologies related to sampling, field parameters, chemistry sampling and measurement discharges.

MCC has state of the art testing equipment and trained personnel to collect representative samples from rivers, streams, ponds, lagoons, distribution, treatment, wastewater, storage, and ships. While sampling plans may allow for the collection of surface water and sediment samples from a stream bank or other accessible locations, MCC can also safely access remote areas by utilizing gas and electric powered pontoon boats, Zodiac boats and other vessels when required. MCC's extensive inventory of sampling equipment used to collect representative sediments or water samples also includes dredge samplers, coring devices, and environmental sampling pumps.

Our services include the collection of representative (time- or flow-based) composite and grab samples, preservation in accordance with 40 CFR part 136, chain of custody, and coordination of laboratory analytical services. In addition, MCC maintains an extensive inventory of automatic samplers and related field instruments to assist our clients with staying in compliance with their industrial discharge permit requirements.

Water Quality Services

  • Water quality testing

Mission Career College has provided a comprehensive range of water quality services for the past two years.

Our dedicated water quality team uses data analysis and the latest computerized equipment to provide comprehensive water quality assessments, to help clients understand the impact on the environment. The results also to identify mitigation and management solutions to ensure compliance with local legislation, delivering a safe environment, compliant assets in a cost efficient manner.

Our work has covers strategic water quality services drinking water, river, lake and reservoir quality assessments

  • Water quality assessment/testing

    • Data analysis
    • Quality Modeling
    • Solution development
    • Data management services
    • Field Parameters (Field Water Sampling)
    • Chemistry Sampling
    • Discharge Measurements

Mission Career College provides water testing services for water quality. Water quality analysis is provided for petroleum, mineral, food, industrial, manufacturing and other industries. Water testing includes trace analysis capabilities. Mission Career College water analysis capabilities will vary by location, please contact Mission Career College to determine the laboratory best suited to your water testing requirements.

Water quality and compliance testing – Mission Career College provides water testing services for water quality. Water quality analysis is provided for the world's petroleum, mineral, food, industrial, manufacturing and other industries. Water testing includes trace analysis capabilities. Mission Career College water analysis capabilities vary by location, please contact Intertek to determine the laboratory best suited to your water testing requirements.

MCC provides ASTM, ISO, IP and other test methods for the analysis of petroleum, petroleum refined products, and petrochemical feedstocks and products.

MCC formation and produced waters testing provides help clients understand the chemistry of reservoir formation water, produced water, and any potential impact on the environment.

MCC water analytical testing services include 10 ions compositional analysis to determine tendency for scaling and corrosion.

Detailed trace metals analysis helps to establish the degree of water toxicity before discharge into the environment. Toxicity evaluation is provided for drill cuttings and drilling mud samples.

The produced water labs provide extensive testing for hydrocarbon content, including BTEX evaluations. Produced water naturally contains some oil and soluble oil products. Oil field additives and other naturally occurring substances and elements may be present in the produced waters. 

Reservoir formation and produced water analysis

  • pH levels
  • Total Suspended Solids Filtration
  • Sulphide as H2S Titration
  • Specific Gravity 
  • Resistivity 
  • Salinity 
  • Mercury Content
  • Arsenic Content
  • 10 Ion Composition Analysis 
  • Anions
  • BTEX Analysis: Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene
  • Hydrocarbon Characterization
  • Trace and Ultra-Trace Analysis

Marine Potable Water Quality Testing

Potable water quality testing on ships.

  • Potable water testing supports ship owners and operators, helping to ensure drinking and recreational water quality standards are met for crew, passengers, and visitors.
  • Maritime Labor Convention guidelines require seafarers have access to good quality potable water, including water used for drinking, food preparation, and other uses. MCC supports ship owners and operators with convenient potable water testing, helping to ensure water quality standards are met.


Recreational Water Analysis for Ships

MCC offers tests designed recreational water analysis, including water used in swimming pools and hot tubs. For owners and operators of cruise ships, recreational water testing provides additional peace of mind, helping ensure reasonable care for their passengers and crew.

On-board test kits are a useful tool for allowing ship staff to monitor day-to-day changes in the quality of recreational water. MCC is able to offer a range of kits suitable for on-board use to complement laboratory analysis.

  • Potable Water Testing

Undertaking potable water testing forms part of many water management strategies and detects bacterial risks threatening the health of oil and gas operatives.

Potable water testing is often an integral aspect of guaranteeing the quality of water supplies in remote working locations.

According to regulators, wholesome water needs to meet a particular set of standards before it can be declared safe for drinking, cooking, food preparation or washing. 

The water utilized on oil and gas platforms typically originates from one potable water source serving multiple applications, including health, hygiene and industrial processes. Failures in segregation or backflow systems could contaminate an entire supply, which could disrupt production and have serious health consequences for personnel.

Carrying out potable water testing also addresses the risks posed by legionella bacteria. Thorough strategies demonstrate that premises owners and duty managers are doing their utmost to comply with legal requirements and tackle the threats posed by these potentially deadly bacteria.

Providing a range of potable water testing solutions from our microbiology centers of excellence, we can turn your results around quickly and efficiently. 

Examples of analyses we conduct include water microbiology, total viable counts, coliform, E coli, enterococci, legionella and pseudomonas. The analysis of hydrocarbons in potable water is also within our service range.

We offer an extensive scope of water chemistry tests, including those to detect alkalinity, pH, total hardness and elements such as calcium, sodium, iron, nickel, fluoride, nitrate and lead. According to your preferences, we can issue test certificates in hard copy, e-copy or via our web-based client portal. 

Our potable water testing services are conducted by fully qualified scientists, many of who are experts in their field and participate in externally monitored proficiency testing. 

Working with us to solve your water management challenges will provide the solutions you need to demonstrate a conscientious approach to offshore water and legionella management. Serving the industry on a global scale, we operate cutting-edge facilities in over 100 countries and remain dedicated to delivering quality services to clients worldwide.


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