MCC’s Goals:

Mission Career College’s mission is to provide quality career training that empowers our students to succeed in their chosen field. Mission Career College believes in providing students with opportunities to recognize their potential to succeed and grow in the working industry.

To provide quality education.

Provide smaller classes that focus on individual attention and prompt feedback on students’ progress.

To assure and train students in programs that are responsive to employers’ needs.

To assist graduates to gain employment in their chosen field through effective placement preparation and job placement assistance programs.

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MCC’s enrollment procedures are as follows:

  • Complete an Enrollment Application
  • A personal interview with an Admissions Representative
  • Tour of the facilities and determination of the program of training desired by the applicant
  • Administration of an entrance examination
  • Complete and sign enrollment agreement and other admissions paperwork
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Who We Are

Mission Career College Inc. was founded February 2006 in Riverside, California. We provide training to residents of Riverside and neighboring communities. The latest teaching methods, curriculum and equipment are carefully researched and continuously updated to offer student quality training.

Mission Career College is not a public institution. Mission Career College is a private institution and is licensed to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.


Hands-on computer instruction so students can immediately practice and apply what they learn.

Classes are small, focusing on individual attention and prompt feedback on students’ progress.

Career training programs accentuating the major characteristics desired by employers: reliability, skills, knowledge, and good customer relations.

Job placement preparation and placement assistance programs prepare students to successfully enter the job market.

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